Monday, January 27, 2014

What I've Been Up To- No, I didn't get kidnapped by Bigfoot

As most of you know, I'm part of a paranormal team that has recently launched a cryptid branch. Well, The Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation and The Carolina Cryptid Crew have been keeping me on my feet. Paralina is doing a good job of picking up any slack they leave. I love this team!

We have had our hands full with planning events, doing the events, and making sure they run smoothly.

The Carolina Cryptid Crew is still in full swing and going like a whirlwind. We have a meet and greet this coming Saturday in Seneca- y'all should definitely come out.

If you've been wondering why I do all this. Why I am so passionate about it and why I am determined to see the team succeed- Then read this book. This is our story. This is a true story, sometimes hard to believe, but true. This is the power that drives me. Written by Melissa D. George and Brandon Hudgens. Prologue by Dennis Carroll. Introduction by me. 

As always, there is always something going on with us and I would like some input from you all. Would you like to hear more about my paranormal adventures and this rock star life?