Saturday, December 27, 2014

Welcome To My Paranormal World

For a few years now, my personal blog, The Palmetto Queen has been home to all  blog posts, although it didn't start out that way. It is supposed to be for organizing, parenting, and homeschool. However, my paranormal and tech posts have taken over.

Now, my tech posts will be here. I will gradually move those over here and new ones will be posted on both for a while. Please bear with me while I get this in order.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

GoPro Housing: I'm Dreaming of A Techy Christmas

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

My new obsession is my GoPro Hero 3 (more on that later), but there are some drawbacks to it. The biggest of which is the shiny waterproof case. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for paranormal investigators, bigfoot hunters, hunters, and anyone who films in the dark it is quite a big deal. See, there are other cameras rolling and the shine can cause issues when taking pictures, and may even cause it to look like there is something else in the photo. Being a paranormal investigator, I try to minimize shine when I can, although I have mistakenly wore shoes with reflectors on them. (believe me, I only did this once). Shiny objects can cause the same type of problem. As an example, let's check out this Instagram photo that shows what reflectors do.

A photo posted by cari (@cari_on) on
Do you see that little bit of shine? Imagine in a completely dark room and a powerful flash or IR lights going? That is why the stock housings have a drawback for paranormal investigators.

There is a really cool solution though. While you can get neoprene covers and stickers for the housings, they are just not the quality that is desired for a camera like GoPro Hero cameras.

How gorgeous is that? Guess what? I used a flash. Can you tell how amazing this housing is? The paint and quality of the job is amazing. Even better than the product is the story of how it came to be.

Here is the story:

I am a Veteran of OEF 11/12 and have a business where I custom paint the housings for the very popular GoPro series of Camera’s, specifically the Hero 3/3+/4. I started making these in Afghanistan as I wore a Hero on my ACH Combat Helmet during most of the operations that we went on. When I was overseas, several other soldiers that also had GoPro Hero camera’s saw the quality work that I had done on my GoPro housing and asked me to camouflage theirs as well.

Cheers and be safe!

Rob currently makes about 15 different camos and sells them exclusively through Stuntcams.  I always love hearing what veterans are up to and being able to support them. While I know that these are very beneficial to many of us, I imagine they have saved lives when used in military settings. Good job Rob!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gifts for Paranormal Investigators: I'm Dreaming of A Techy Christmas #giveaway

My very tech oriented family has teamed up to bring you a gift guide of our top gift items. These are tech centered and unique. 

RageCams Custom Camera

If you are looking for a very special gift for the paranormal investigator in your life, you should visit my newest sponsor. Ragecams adapts cameras to fit your needs. This particular one can record in complete dark. Maybe I'll catch some footage to answer questions they have services for everyone. You will see a lot from this company. I'm currently editing some video to share from this awesome camera. 
More coming soon

Visit Ragecams

GoPro Housing

These hand painted housings perfect for anyone with a gopro. They are waterproof, but without the shine. They come in matte black, camo, and desert camo.
They started out because the soldiers needed housings that didn't shine. Well, consumers have a need for these as well. I don't have to worry about my housing causing a glare in photos, which may cause an obstruction that could be mistaken for the paranormal.

More coming soon.

Buy here

+LifeGuard Mini 1

This has quickly become my favorite gadget. I don't leave home without it. It's simple to charge and I no longer have to worry about my phone dying. I can also use it to charge batteries (I have a usb battery charger), the tablets, cameras, and anything else that uses a USB charger, including Tbomb's leapband. Naturally, it is a must have on investigations. 

More coming soon. 

Purchase here

Sportstek Headlamp

This headlamp is by far the best you will see. It is 4 in 1. It can be used as a lamp, headlamp, bicycle lamp, or even on a belt. It is perfect for investigations to keep hands free. I'm not sure what I did before it! 

See my review here

August Headphones

These are my favorite headphones. I use them for everything. Listening for EVPs, editing audio, recording, editing video, listening to podcasts, and even drowning out other noise so that I can concentrate. The Mr wants to use them, but I won't let him- he has headphones. These have become one of my top pieces of equipment. They can connect via 3.5 cord or bluetooth. They charge via usb. 

More coming soon

Purchase here


August International has offered two pair of these bluetooth headphones to lucky readers of The Palmetto Queen. Just comment below and let me know what your favorite August product is. A winner will be chosen December 17th at random (don't forget to leave your email)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

World's Best Headlamp: #MyLifeAfterDark #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I have had a bit going on in the family for the past few weeks. I've been struggling to keep up, and basically getting things done at the deadline. I apologize for this- which is the reason there have been many posts in one day, but none on other days- just keeping my head above water.

Before the chaos ensued, I had been working quite diligently on my book (that will be released one day) The Paranormal Sass: My Life, After Dark. I'm hoping to have it ready by the end of the year, but just in case I don't, I've decided to bring something special to all you amazing readers of The Palmetto Queen. Because I know many of you do follow my paranormal journey, I am starting a new series: #MyLifeAfterDark (To tweet or share, please use #MyLifeAfterDark and #ParaSass). This series will feature my favorite gear, highlights of my adventures (soon, you will see the amazing gift my son received from one of the guys of Finding Bigfoot), and even tips for keeping sane with so much insanity. Basically, my life as a paranormal rock star. This series will hopefully coincide with my new site (Which is where one would go to book me or chat with me). This series, and new site, will highlight my experiences with CSPRI Inc, The Carolina Cryptid Crew, Paralina, and Ghost Hunters United (psst- I'm now half owner). It should be interesting. Those of you who like to follow my paranormal journey should get your fill.

The first installment of this series will highlight my new favorite piece of gear. The SportsTek Headlamp is now attached to me for all of my after dark adventures.

By the way, yes that is Tbomb's hand. He always wants my new gear!

This headlamp is a 4-in-1 solution for lighting problems.

  • Headlamp
  • Spotlight
  • Bike light
  • Belt lamp
Everything you need for these functions is included in the box. The light comes attached to the headlamp strap, but is held on with a clip. Because of this, it easily attaches to a belt, the battery pack (for use as a spotlight) and to the bike mount. 

In my experience, the bike mount adapters (for anything) can also be used on mic stands, tripods, and mono-pods. This is even more functionality for me, especially when I am filming for Paralina. When positioned correctly, it can light what you are filming without the beam showing up. 

Of all the features of this light, which they are all amazing, I do have one favorite. The belt clip is beyond amazing. While I'm not a big belt person, I do find myself wearing one during bigfoot expeditions to help keep my hands as free as possible. Huge win for this light. In addition to that, I can clip it on my backpack strap so that it is higher up and also added rotation to the light. The light swivels, but on my strap, it can swivel further. 

The external battery pack is one thing that keeps this light working so well in so many different functions. It takes 4 AAs. I like this because I do not have to have appropriate charging items with me at all times. I always keep a good many brand new batteries on me, but I use rechargeable batteries when possible. I make sure I have the extras and my USB battery charger and I'm good to go! 

My second favorite feature is the ability to use it as a spotlight or desk light. The way this works is really cool- just attach the clips of the battery pack (which serves as the base) and the light together and you have a free standing light. I like this for setting up equipment, filling out paperwork before an investigation or expedition, and having a little light around command central when we need it. See what I mean?! There is no where you can't use this light. If you needed to, you could use it as a flashlight this way too, but why would you want to when it does all of these cool things.
If these features aren't enough, we haven't even covered the actual light yet. Check out these amazing features:

  • Water resistant
  • CERTIFIED CREE XP-R3220 Lumens
  • Zoomable
  • Premium grade
  • Fits helmet/ hard hat
  • LED light
  • 688 Foot distance
  • Click for on/off
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Swivels up/ down
  • Strobe functionality. 
  • Sturdy construction- engineered from high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy & glass-filled ABS polymer. 
  • Read about the guarantee and more on Amazon 
  • That  is a lot of features!
Guess what?! That's not even all. When you order through Amazon, you get a free bonus. You will receive an email containing a free e-book "Surviving The Wild Outdoors." This book features survival skills that can be used during any life-threatening or survival situation. Let's face it, most of us could benefit from skills like this. 

I honestly cannot think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from this light!!! 

The SportsTek company is a family owned business in New Jersey that is dedicated to providing the best gear to all the outdoors people of the world. I cannot wait to see what they offer next! 

I will definitely be using this light on my next expedition, follow me on Instagram to see how it goes! 

Would you like one of your very own? Comment below and tell me how you would use this amazing head lamp! The winner will be chosen  October 8th. Good luck! 
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, January 27, 2014

What I've Been Up To- No, I didn't get kidnapped by Bigfoot

As most of you know, I'm part of a paranormal team that has recently launched a cryptid branch. Well, The Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation and The Carolina Cryptid Crew have been keeping me on my feet. Paralina is doing a good job of picking up any slack they leave. I love this team!

We have had our hands full with planning events, doing the events, and making sure they run smoothly.

The Carolina Cryptid Crew is still in full swing and going like a whirlwind. We have a meet and greet this coming Saturday in Seneca- y'all should definitely come out.

If you've been wondering why I do all this. Why I am so passionate about it and why I am determined to see the team succeed- Then read this book. This is our story. This is a true story, sometimes hard to believe, but true. This is the power that drives me. Written by Melissa D. George and Brandon Hudgens. Prologue by Dennis Carroll. Introduction by me. 

As always, there is always something going on with us and I would like some input from you all. Would you like to hear more about my paranormal adventures and this rock star life?