Friday, December 11, 2015

GoPro Hero3 Set Up: My Gear Part 1

When I am using my GoPro Hero3 in investigations or on Bigfoot expeditions, I have a very specific set up. While I do have a mount that works for a backpack strap or baseball cap bill, I mostly use that in the day time or in homes. Since the woods are so dark and there is so much distance in front, I like to use another IR light with it. I wanted to share my set up because I have seen some people looking for assistance in setting up their own cameras with IR lights to be portable.

1. GoPro Hero3 Silver. This particular GoPro has been professionally altered for maximum use in the field. It has an added IR ring. It was built by RageCams.

2. GoPro Hero tripod adapter- this allows you to place the regular GoPro mounts on a tripod/ monopod GoPro Tripod Mounts $4.99

3. GoPro Hero3 frame- It allows me to securely attach the GoPro to the mounts without using the waterproof case. I use the waterproof case in the daytime, but I can't use the IR ring with it. Si Chi Standard Frame Mount Housing Protective Shell for Gopro Hero 3 Camera $2.99

4. Monopod. This is a very simple monopod with the ball head adapter removed. It does extend, but I do not use it extended. It is a good monopod for a gopro and lightweight, but it does not come with an adapter, like implied- but still a god price. Floureon® Telescopic Extendable Pole Extender Handheld Monopod $4.99
Heavy Duty Photography L Bracket with 2 Standard Flash Hot Shoe Mounts

5. Mount- This L Bracket is slid between the camera and monopod (it can also be placed on a tripod) and is help securely in place when the tripod adapter is screwed on. It has 2 Hot Shoe mounts, but another one could be used beside where the camera is placed. Heavy Duty Photography L Bracket with 2 Standard Flash Hot Shoe Mounts $6.99

6. Hot Shoe Mounts. These attach to the mount and allow you to put anything that works on a tripod on it. Lights, extra cameras, recorders, microphones, etc. I actually use the top rubber piece to secure the light in place since the light is meant to be mounted with a screw. LimoStudio 2x Mini Black Double Screw Angle 1/4" Hot Shoe Mount Adapter Holder, AGG1451 $5.99

7. External IR Light Crazy Cart 48-LED CCTV Ir Infrared Night Vision Illuminator $10.33

8. DC to 9V adapter & Velcro- this allows me to use anything I would normally use with a wall plug to become portable. I connect it and use velcro to attach it to the mount. 2Pcs 2.1x5.5mm Male DC Power Plug to 9V Battery Button Connector Cable $1.43

9. Mini USB to 3.5 Jack (not shown) & Microphone (not shown). I do have the ability to use an external microphone with the GoPro by using this adapter and a small microphone that clips onto the mount. I could also use a boom mic or shotgun mic (as long as it uses a 3.5 jack) with the right mounting capabilities. 3.5mm Mini USB Microphone Adapter Cable External Cord for Gopro Hero3 Camera Black $6.57. Remember- when choosing a microphone, try to get one with a wind screen.

All of it goes together to create an awesome machine that is ready for any nightime shooting. Keep in mind that this is what works for me. I have aquired these items oer time and sometimes for different purposes and found what worked for me. This whole build has been a work in progress and I am always finding new additions and items that work better.

I would love to see and hear about your camera set up- what do you do the same or differently?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Press Release: 60 Visions & Predictions for 2016 from Journalists, Trends Forecasters, & Psychic Mediums

National Radio Program Presents Sixty Visions & Predictions for 2016 from Journalists, Trends Forecasters, & Psychic Mediums

On December 10th @ 10 pm EST, the nationally syndicated “Outer Limits of Inner Truth” ( radio show will proudly present the most comprehensive program to air about predictions, visions, and insights for the year 2016. The show features eighteen of the worlds top Investigative Journalists, Economic & Trends Forecasters, Psychic Mediums, Metaphysical Teachers, and Astrologers.

SHOW LINK: Outer Limits of Inner Truth “2016 Visions & Predictions” 

Notable predictions include:

Donald Trump loses his bid to become President of the United States.
Unprecedented global economic collapse – every nation on earth will be impacted.
Beloved member of the Royal Family will pass in 2016.
Major Medical breakthroughs in cancer & Alzheimer’s research.

Featured guests on the program include:

02:51 - Gerald Celente (Trends Journal Publisher)
14:28 Gregory Mannarino (Economic Forecaster)
21:07 - Kate Delaney (Nationally Syndicated Radio Host & Bestselling Author)
28:18 - Michael Rivero (Founder of
36:24 - Jon Rapport (Investigative Journalist)
49:54 - Michael Harrison (Publisher of Talkers Magazine & National Radio Host)
57:17 - Dave Schrader (National Radio Host & Investigative Journalist)
1:07:00 - Dr. Frieda Birbuam (Research Psychologist & Author)
1:11:11 - Metaphysical Teacher Khris Krepcik (The Hooded Sage)
1:18:00 - Metaphysical Teacher Marie Manucheri
1:30:00 - Missy Galore (Shamanatrix)
1:31:00 - Astrologer Constance Stellas
1:45:00 - Spiritual Astrologer Jeff Haarman
1:49:00 - Astrologer & Licensed Naprapath Dawn Silver
1:55:00 - Psychic Empath Lisa Caza
2:02:00 - Psychic Medium & Past Life Reader Laura Lyn
2:09:00 - Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor
2:24:00 - Spiritual Economist & Author Dr. Darryl Robert Schoon

About the Outer Limits of Inner Truth 

The Outer Limits of Inner Truth ( is a metaphysical / biographical program produced & hosted by Ryan McCormick. It premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Star Com Radio Networks and is now heard on over 30 AM stations nationwide.  OLIT has been featured on the Awakening Zone Radio Network, The Boston Globe, Radar Online, Media Bistro, The Sacramento Bee, Kansas City Star and several other media outlets. 

OLIT (Outer Limits of Inner Truth) has featured several Exclusive interviews with individuals such as: IronE Singleton, Chung Fu, Diana Cooper, Marie Manucheri, Jim Rogers, Jeff Casper, Michael Harrison, and Reverend Sally Perry. The show has also profiled celebrities such as Oliver Stone, Howard Stern, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Mick Foley.

To learn more about The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show please visit ( 

Book Review: Legends and Lore of South Carolina

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. However, all opinions are my own.

Legends and Lore of South CarolinaI have this love of history and tend to retain facts that most people wouldn't give a second thought. I also have this obsession with knowing strange facts and the nuggets of history that are not well known- especially about South Carolina. That is one reason I love reason I love reading Sherman Carmichael books.

Legends and Lore of South Carolina ($16.99 Arcadia Press) is one of those books that grabbed my attention and took me back in time. Since I have spent almost all of my life in South Carolina, I have had the opportunity to see so many traditions and this book gives a new look at many of these traditions, like the Gullah blue bottle trees.

I am from Beaufort, lived most of my life in the upstate, and attended Winthrop University. All of these places have deep and beautiful history that you can see by exploring the beauty they hold. Apart from that, there is always something a little darker going on. These places are no exception. I have been interested in these things since a young age and love that this book expands on the stories I have heard and adds more to my knowledge. This has become a staple in my library and I refer to it often.

This new collection of eighty strange and unusual South Carolina legends is rooted in the state's deep history. Some originated centuries ago, such as the Agnes of Glasgow story in Camden and that of the ghostly dwarf jester Gauche, said to haunt a Beaufort mansion. Certain places hold secrets from different eras, including White Wolf Road in Blacksburg and the state's numerous historic cemeteries like the one at Salem Black River Church in Mayesville. These pages also contain simple explanations for local lore, like the Gullah tradition behind blue bottle trees that still decorate Carolina gardens today. These and many more crowd-pleasing yarns can be found in this volume from the desk of master storyteller, author and researcher Sherman Carmichael.