Monday, April 20, 2015

UFO Sighting

On April 10, 2015, I had my first UFO sighting. By UFO, I mean it literally- an Unidentified Flying Object. I have no idea what I saw. The only thing that I was certain of is that it was strange and somehow, the military got involved. On this particular night, some of the Carolina Cryptid Crew members and I were sitting outside our research area listening for activity, when lights caught our attention. The video documents what happens next.

Luckily, I documented it. The video didn't pick up much of it, but you can hear what is going on and our thoughts throughout the night. These occurrences happened over the course of several hours. It was quite strange. Even stranger- there is some weird light anomaly the whole time on the video while nothing showed up there while I was recording. I recorded on my phone (an LG Optimus L90) and have never had this happen before. Also, I actually had the video light on throughout some of it; while, at other times, the light was off- so that doesn't explain the light.

If you have ever had anything like this happen, please let me know. If you saw something strange that night, I would love to hear about it.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Caught The Bug: My First Bigfoot Expedition

I have been interested in Bigfoot since I was about 8 years old. A teacher sent me home with a book about mysterious animals to read. The book was about the Kraken, Bigfoot, Nessie, Chupacabra, and many more. From that time on, I would read or watch anything about these mysterious creatures, especially Bigfoot. In all honesty, I never thought I would get the opportunity to look for Bigfoot. I thought they were all in the Pacific Northwest. I didn't think there was any way they were in South Carolina.

On June 1st, 2013, the team decided to have a sort of training exercise to get everyone used to being in the woods and learn how to look for oddities. This was just an exercise in case we needed to look for cryptids or investigate haunted forests. We also decided to take this time to do a live broadcast that was a discussion with the team.

We found a good bit of interesting evidence and even had some experiences that couldn't be explained. After this night, our research took off and gained the attention of the local news stations. Some of these stories were even picked up by international media outlets.

This is my journal entry after that night- I have caught the bug and jump at every opportunity to look for Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Hunt: June 1, 2013 To be honest, I did not expect to have any experiences, especially since I was assigned command central for the night. At the most, I thought we may hear some sounds that we were unsure of and hear from the team if the habitat was likely to be the home of a Bigfoot. However, the evening started out with a bang- literally. Inspector Cryptid, Marty, and a couple of other members went for a preliminary walk in the woods and that left Lisa and I alone at command central. 

At first, we hear a rock hit the building behind the home on the property. A few minutes later, we hear a rock hit the building behind the neighbor's house. A few minutes after that, a rock hits a bag of charcoal behind where we are seated. At this point, we decide that it is not coincidence and decide to go check out the woods. 

We radio the field team and tell them what we experience, grab the camera, and head towards the woods. We get to right before the woods start and stop to listen. Within a couple minutes, we hear a distinct "woop." When we heard the woop, we realized the woods were completely quiet. A bird started singing, but stopped in mid song- I have never heard anything like it. We radio the team to see if they had made the woop. They had not. After we finished talking with the team, we heard a very distinct wood knock from pretty close to where we were. This was not a branch breaking. We decided not to radio the team again- they would never believe us. 

We then headed back to command central so we would not scare anything off. After the team returned, we learned that they had heard woops as well. They had also found some trees that had been pushed over and footprints at the base. We were going to cast them the next day, as it was already about 2am. However, storms came in that night and washed evidence away. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Family Day with Carolina Cryptid Crew

Image result for the grapevine mountain rest scA few weeks ago, the team and our families headed up to the mountains for a much needed expedition and family day. We decided to make it a family day because we were just going during the day and we were going to just get a feel for the place, as most of the team was pretty unfamiliar with the location. The thing about this location (that I will not disclose at this time) is that there has been a lot of Bigfoot activity in the past. In fact, I have heard that Matt Moneymaker actually had activity here, including hearing "Samurai Chatter." A member of our team even had activity here.

This particular location is a very secluded primitive campground with a small river running through it. It is a popular spot for trout fishing and very close to the Chattooga rafting launch locations. In fact, it is only a few miles away from each of the major rafting companies in the area. This is actually in the area where the film Deliverance was filmed, so you can imagine how wooded and secluded it is.

One of our team members smoked a wild boar and it was so good. The team ate, socialized, laughed, and had a look around. There was some activity, but the spot was pretty populated with fishermen and picnickers that day, with it being such a pretty Saturday, even if it was a big chilly.

One of the kids that came along for family day was throwing rocks into the river and from the other side of the river, a rock would be thrown and hit the water at almost the same spot. Odd, right. While there, we also felt like we were being watched from across the river, found a few breaks high up in the trees, and even saw a few tree structures. One of the team members later reported seeing a tree with the root ball up in the air.

I did record a video while there, which I will upload to my new YouTube channel at some point.

We are going to head back up at some point, and even conduct an over night expedition. We'll be sure to keep you updated with our future adventures at this well known Bigfoot hot spot.