Thursday, April 16, 2015

Family Day with Carolina Cryptid Crew

Image result for the grapevine mountain rest scA few weeks ago, the team and our families headed up to the mountains for a much needed expedition and family day. We decided to make it a family day because we were just going during the day and we were going to just get a feel for the place, as most of the team was pretty unfamiliar with the location. The thing about this location (that I will not disclose at this time) is that there has been a lot of Bigfoot activity in the past. In fact, I have heard that Matt Moneymaker actually had activity here, including hearing "Samurai Chatter." A member of our team even had activity here.

This particular location is a very secluded primitive campground with a small river running through it. It is a popular spot for trout fishing and very close to the Chattooga rafting launch locations. In fact, it is only a few miles away from each of the major rafting companies in the area. This is actually in the area where the film Deliverance was filmed, so you can imagine how wooded and secluded it is.

One of our team members smoked a wild boar and it was so good. The team ate, socialized, laughed, and had a look around. There was some activity, but the spot was pretty populated with fishermen and picnickers that day, with it being such a pretty Saturday, even if it was a big chilly.

One of the kids that came along for family day was throwing rocks into the river and from the other side of the river, a rock would be thrown and hit the water at almost the same spot. Odd, right. While there, we also felt like we were being watched from across the river, found a few breaks high up in the trees, and even saw a few tree structures. One of the team members later reported seeing a tree with the root ball up in the air.

I did record a video while there, which I will upload to my new YouTube channel at some point.

We are going to head back up at some point, and even conduct an over night expedition. We'll be sure to keep you updated with our future adventures at this well known Bigfoot hot spot.

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