Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ghost Hunting Equipment: Must Have Accessories

I'm sure you have all realized by now that I'm a bit of a tech geek and gadget hoarder. Being a paranormal investigator and bigfoot researcher only adds to this. I love my equipment.

Most people know about the basic ghost hunting equipment like night vision camera, flashlight, voice recorder, KII meter, and even thermometer. However, some of my favorite gear is the gadgets that add to the functionality of my general equipment. I'm going to go over my favorites here.

1. Lights

Image result for ir lightsThere are all kinds of lights to use during a paranormal investigation. There are flashlights, color filter flashlights, spot lights, black lights, and IR lights. They all have their own purpose and should be used accordingly. 

Flashlights may seem obvious to see where you are going, but some people use the ones with twist off and on to get answers from entities. Color filter flashlights can help your eyes adjust better and even make the light not as harsh on cameras. I have seen black lights been used in experiments, and I have conducted some of my own, so they are definitely a fun addition. IR lights have a specific function in a paranormal investigation- an external one can help extend the range of your night vision camera. 

2. Tripods, Monopods & Selfie Sticks

Image result for alezan mobileI have many different tripods- I have standard ones, table top ones, laser grid holders, gorilla pods, and more. I also have several monopods and selfie sticks for different purposes, as well as attachments for both so I can attach whatever equipment I want and just have one hand full of gear. This also allows me to set up a tripod with a camera and external IR light for a better range- a camera bracket helps that. 

I do have a favorite selfie stick- the Alezan selfie stick allows me to use my camera, phone, or go pro with different accessories so that I can accomplish what I need to. See my review here. (giveaway here)

3. Power

Image result for dc to 9 voltPower is a very important part of paranormal investigations- we always need to make sure our equipment is charged, have backup batteries, and a way to charge on the go. There are many different battery packs on the market that will allow you to charge anything via USB. There are also solar chargers that can help with this. I have recently bout some adapters that will allow me to use a 9volt battery to in place of a dc adapter- great for old buildings with no power and outside investigations. I use it on a security camera and ir lights. 

4. Tape, Bungees, Etc. 

Image result for gaffer's tapeThis may seem odd, but you should always have a supply of these items on hand. I have had to use bungee cords to attach items to tripods, to fix tripods in a pinch, and even help with command central. Tape is great for measuring, holding down cords, emergency fixings, and even for documenting anomalies like items moving. Gaffer's tape is the best option. It is what photographers use and is a matte black so that you do not have the shine in a photo or video

Other items to include are screwdrivers, measuring tapes, and a first aid kit. 

5. Phones and Tablets

I love using my phone and tablet on paranormal investigations. I actually use my old LG Optimus L90 with some paranormal apps to measure different things, take photos and videos, and record evps. I use the old one because I do not have to worry about getting calls during an investigation. There are all kinds of apps to add to the functionality of phones and tablets during investigations. Some of these include vibration sensor, ghost meters, echovox, spirit boxes, emf detectors, etc. There are even apps from T.A.P.S. I will actually be testing and reviewing some of these soon.

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