Friday, May 29, 2015

10 Tips For Shooting POV

Shooting POV (point of view) videos is something kind of new to me. I have used them before, but basically just clipped them on. Since receiving my MeCam, I have been paying more attention to what I am doing so that I get a better shot. While I do have a GoPro, it is mostly for evidence collection and it is aimed a certain direction. My MeCam is geared towards documenting my investigations and getting some behind the scenes videos. Today, I'm going to share with you some tips I have found for getting the most out of using your POV camera.

1. Get To Know Your Camera

Different cameras have different strengths and weaknesses, they also have different settings. Getting the most out of your POV shooting experience depends a lot on getting to know your camera. 

2. If Needed, Have The Appropriate Mounts

One thing I love about the MeCam is that it pins on (like a lapel pin) and can also be worn on a lanyard. That makes mounting simple. However, many other POV cameras require mounts. I have several for my GoPro, and use them for different reasons. If there is going to be a certain thing you mount your camera to a lot, make sure to invest in a good mount for that. For instance, my backpack mount is my favorite. I can clip it to my backpack strap or my hat. 

3. Keep It Short

No one wants to watch 30 minutes of you skiing down a mountain or walking through an abandoned house. I mean, I don't even want to watch myself doing that. Keep your video to just a few minutes of footage- keep the good stuff, of course!

4. Do Something Exciting

Walking around your house is generally not youtube worthy (although there are exceptions). Make sure you catch the excitement in your life. 

5. Try Different Mounts

Although I have my preference, I have tried out many different mounts. One that you didn't think would work may shock you- the head mount shocked me! 

6. Try Different Angles

The angle can make all the difference in your video. I have tried walks through the woods with mine pointing up and even behind me. The views are breathtaking- we usually don't look at things this way. The same goes for other activities as well. 

7. Narrate

Tell your audience what is going on- pretty simple. 

8. Use A Pole

Can't get the right angle? Enlist the help of a pole attached to your mount, or even a selfie stick and you can control what shot you get. 

9. Check Your Shot

Make sure your angle is right- it would be horrible to get that perfect experience only to find that your camera didn't catch it. Also, try your camera out before you are depending on it. 

10. Have Fun

Your audience knows if you aren't having fun- show them some fun! 

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