Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5 Uses For A POV Camera

This is part of a content series for MeCam. All opinions are my own.

I'm sure you've guessed that one of my favorite gadgets is a POV camera, more specifically, my MeCam. I'm sure that you've also wondered how you would use a POV camera.

1. Paranormal Investigations

As you've guessed, we use POV cameras on our paranormal and cryptid investigations. The uses inside these circumstances vary. We can use them during setup to take initial readings with equipment. We can use them during an EVP session in case there is something odd going on visually. We can also use them on ourselves to catch a different angle. For instance, if something keeps happening just out of our peripheral vision, we can situate a POV camera to point that direction and hopefully catch it. We actually are always coming up with different uses. 

2. Mom/ Dad Shots

Are you dying to get that perfect shot of your little one walking or crawling? Just pin a MeCam on your shot and get your little one to come to you. You'll get that perfect eye level shot. Do your kids say adorable things but never when a camera is pointed their direction? Well, this should solve that problem. Want to get a shot from your kids' angles? Just pin a MeCam to their shirts and then watch the world from their view. 

3. Track Your Dog's Behavior

Wondering how your dog keeps getting muddy or stinky? Well, MeCam can solve that mystery. Pin it to their collar and watch the mystery unfold. It would also be cool to get shots from their angles and post to social media. Most people are intrigued by how the animals see the world. 

4. Legal Reasons

Holding a sensitive interview? Got stopped by the police? Participating in a protest? Serving papers? MeCam can come in handy with so many different legal issues. Cover yourself and get video of the situation. Just make sure that you live in a state that is single party consent for recording. South Carolina is, in case you are wondering. 

5. Nanny Cam

Do you have a new babysitter or Nanny? Do you wonder if everything is going smoothly? Do you have a feeling that something is just not right? Well, pin a MeCam somewhere and then see for yourself. You can do the same thing at your child's daycare or school. 

There are so many different uses for a POV camera that it's one of those things everyone could use in their arsenal. My favorite is MeCam- Quality, Cost Effective, and Cute!

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