Thursday, May 28, 2015

10 Ways To Use A Digital Voice Recorder

I know I've been talking a lot lately about Uqique and their digital voice recorders. I'm sure you also may think that either you don't need one or that one is plenty, well you may be wrong. There are so many uses for these handy little devices that you may need more than one. Even better- with Uqique's prices, you can afford it too!

1. Record Thoughts or Notes

Sometimes we think better doing our normal daily activities, not while sitting in front of our computers or notepads. Keep a digital voice recorder with you and when a thought or idea comes to mind, record it!

2. Record Lectures

Oh how I wish I'd had a digital voice recorder in college. Those lectures wouldn't have lost to the dark recesses of my mind after I got back to my dorm room. I can't count how many times I looked over my notes and wondered what something was about. 

3. Record Interviews

Whether you are recording for a show, a client for an investigation or a client for a job- having a voice recorder could make things so much simpler. You can go back and listen many times and make sure the client will be happy and your research correct. 

4. Have An Audio Sequence of Events

Using a digital voice recorder during set up could be amazing. You can record all of your initial readings, where and why your equipment is in certain places, and even not special things about the location. You wouldn't have to worry about remembering to write it all down. 

5. Stick With A Camera

We all know that the audio on cameras isn't all that great. If you have a hot spot of activity and want to make sure you catch everything, stick a digital voice recorder next to the camera so you are sure to capture great audio and video. 

6. Leave With A Trigger Object

Is there an area where you are investigating that has evidence of a child spirit? Use toys as a trigger object and place a digital voice recorder nearby- don't forget an emf detector. You never know what you might catch. 

7. Have It Always Running

Keep a digital voice recorder with you during an investigation. Keep it running the whole time- in addition to the one you use for EVP sessions. Sometimes EVPs can be caught by one recorder, but not another. In addition to that, if something happens, you can just voice it and have a record of the night. 

8. Keep It At Command Central

Keep a voice recorder by command central and use it for those monitoring the cameras. Also, it will catch when the team discusses events of the night. Also, use this for team members to document any experiences they have right away.

9. Record Night Time Forest Activity

We hang voice recorders in our research over night when there has been a lot of activity. You would be surprised at what you'll catch when no one is around. Just be sure to protect them from the weather. 

10. Record Moments To Remember

Whether you are recording first words, school moments, weddings, or any other milestone of life, having an audio account of that moment can be amazing. You can also record elderly members of the family so your children can always hear their voices. 

If you are looking for a new digital voice recorder, check out Uqique. Their prices and quality will amaze you. 

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